Jergens Self-Tanning Mousse with Applicator Mitt (5 fl. oz.)


Jergens Self-Tanning Mousse with Applicator Mitt (5 fl. oz.)


Available in medium and deep shades, this tanning mousse delivers sun-kissed color in hours.


About this item

  • Self-tanning water mousse that works with your unique skin tone
  • Flawless, sun-inspired color in just hours
  • Delivers a dye-free, streak-free, hassle-free sunless tan
  • Leaves skin visibly moisturized
  • The tropical passion fruit scent
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Jergens Self-Tanning Mousse with Applicator Mitt (5 fl. oz.)



It is the sun’s perfect color in a bottle. The innovative SOL by Jergens® Self-Tanning Water Mousse is made with a tanning activity derived from natural sugars and infused with coconut water. This light, airy, sunless tanning foam is dye-free, streak-free, and worry-free. Apply with our self-tanning applicator mitt for a flawless, even glow. Your color will start to develop within 4 hours, peak at 24 hours, and lasts for days.


Use with the SOL by Jergens Applicator Mitt included in this pack for an effortless and even tan. The reusable tanning glove will protect your palms from the formula to avoid any unwanted staining. Truly, the perfect sidekick for SOL by Jergens water mousse!


Our SOL Story:

Sunshine is calling you again. It’s pulling you to an irresistible place where turquoise waters wave hello, the breeze swims through the palms, and where the beautiful feeling of sun-soaked skin sets your spirit free. And the sweetest part? Recapturing that sunny, carefree feeling is easier than you think. The perfect tan is right in your hands. So come take a dip, head to toe, in beautiful, sun-inspired color with SOL by Jergens®.


How to Use

For best results, apply using our tanning applicator mitt in circular motions on the skin ensuring all areas are covered. The product gives a light gleam to guide application. No need to rinse off. Wait a few minutes for skin to dry prior to getting dressed, and your tan will start to develop in few hours. Wash hands immediately after application. Exfoliate prior to use and moisturize dry areas such as elbows, knees, ankles, and feet. Use once for natural-looking color and repeat the next day if deeper color is desired.



  • The ultimate self-tanning pack: self-tanning water mousse and a reusable applicator mitt
  • Available in two shades: medium and deep
  • Color develops within 4 hours, peaks at 24 hours, and lasts for days
  • Re-apply water mousse for deeper color
  • Applicator mitt is reusable and easy to wash