Jack Link’s Extra Tender Original 16 oz.

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Jack Link’s Extra Tender Original 16 oz.



Jack Link’s Extra Tender Original 16 oz.


About this item:

Superior Tenderness: Enjoy exceptionally tender jerky that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Bold Flavor: Indulge in the original savory taste that Jack Link’s is known for, packed into every piece.

High-Quality Ingredients: Made with premium cuts of beef and seasoned to perfection for a satisfying snacking experience.

Convenient Packaging: The 16 oz. size ensures you have plenty of delicious jerky to enjoy at home, on-the-go, or wherever your adventures take you.




Jack Link’s Extra Tender Original 16 oz.



Few snacks are more delicious or more convenient than Jack Link’s® Extra Tender Original (16 oz.). These beef strips provide protein and are a gluten-free option. Low in carbs and low in fat, Jack Link’s Original beef-flavored jerky and strips make a great snack option.


Jack Link’s Extra Tender Original

Once you taste how delicious the Jack Link’s Original beef flavor is, you will realize that even one pound might not be enough. It could quickly become your go-to snack item thanks to the taste and the fact that it is made from premium beef. One of the benefits to this package is that it is resealable, which makes on the go snacking much easier.


Convenient Tasty Snack

Anyone who enjoys the delicious taste of Jack Link’s beef jerky will enjoy this snack. You might want to take one or two bags of these Jack Link’s Original beef strips along with you when you are traveling on a road trip, or you might just want to keep some in the car for snacking while driving to and from work or school. You could put some of these strips into a baggie and take them to work with you for lunch or a snack, or you could bring the entire bag for your desk. While there are other flavors available, the original is still a fantastic flavor choice.


Have Extra Available in the Pantry

Because these will be a popular snack, it makes sense to have extra Jack Link’s beef jerky, such as these beef strips or the Tender Bites beef jerky available when you get a craving. It tastes so good, you and the family might go through more than you realize.



  • Gluten free
  • Only 6 grams of carbs per serving
  • Only 70 grams of calories per serving
  • No trans fat
  • Net weight: 16 ounces


Allergy information: contains soy.