Is Foaming Hand Soap the Best Antibacterial Soap – Jarasim

Is Foaming Hand Soap the Best Antibacterial Soap – Jarasim

Foaming Hand Soap Versus Gel Hand Soap – Is There A Difference?


Antibacterial hand soaps have started becoming a necessity anywhere there is a washroom. Their cleaning capabilities helps fight germs and keeps you from catching diseases that are otherwise easy to catch. Especially, during the Covid-19 times, hands soaps and sanitizers have become increasingly common. 

These antibacterial hand soap comes in a variety of form factors and the most common ones are foaming hand soap and gel antibacterial soap.


Foaming hand soap have started taking over the conventional liquid soaps. These days it is common to see foam hand soaps in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other public spaces, but one may wonder whether the foam hand soap are the best antibacterial soap.


Several studies have shown that foaming hand soap is as effective as a gel hand soap. 

At this point, you might be wondering what is the difference between foaming hand soap and regular hand soap? If so, we are going to go through exactly that in this blog. 


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Foaming Hand Soap Vs Gel Hand Soap

Studies from UCLA’s school of medicine reveal that the foam hand soap may be as effective in eliminating hand bacteria as a gel hand soap.  

Running a test with both forms of hand soap revealed that foam soap was able to clean 2.6 out of 3.6 bacterial colony count on average, whereas, a gel hand soap come out with far better results valuing at 1.2 out of 3.8 bacterial colony count. The basic difference between the two types of antibacterial hand soap is mainly based on the way they are characterized, a foam soap is less effective than a liquid or a gel hand soap because it comes out onto the hand as a lather, whereas the gel hand soap lather is built within the hand during the rubbing process.


The rubbing effect helps spread the soap inside the gaps within the fingers and spread throughout the skin before it is washed away with water. Furthermore, a single pump of foam hand soap is lesser as compared to its liquid counterpart. On the contrary, some researchers do argue that the foam hand soaps are better as compared to that of the gel hand soap and the justification is based around the fact that they are not as aggressive on the skin as a gel hand soap. Therefore, using a foam hand soap could be both easier to use and not as harsh, thus, making it a better option for use at home.

Picking the best Antibacterial Hand Soap

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