Iceberg Lettuce (2 heads)


Iceberg Lettuce (2 heads)


About this item

  • Healthy choice alternative
  • Sweet and refreshing taste
  • Uniform size for prepping consistency
  • Perfect addition to salads, appetizers and main dish
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Iceberg Lettuce (2 heads)



Packed in a convenient bag, Iceberg Lettuce is the perfect fresh green for your plate. This lettuce’s crisp texture and sweet flavor set it aside from other produce, making it the perfect product for your salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches and more. Each head has a consistent density and high quality which is clear once you cut it open and get a look at the beautiful colors and textures of the inside. Packed in counts of two, this pack is the perfect quantity for providing your family a fresh, healthy, crisp and sweet leafy green. 


Create a Variety of Salads

Iceberg Lettuce is a staple for many traditional salads. Create a classic wedge salad using wedges of this lettuce, or dice it up for a Cobb or Caesar salad. Other salad ideas include a Cajun salad, fattoush, bleu cheese salad and an Asian-style salad. With the versatility of these Iceberg Lettuce heads, you can make all kinds of healthy salads for lunch and dinner.


What Other Meals Can I Make?

Romaine lettuce isn’t just for salads, it’s for a wide variety of hearty meals as well. Serve some stir-fried protein over lettuce cups for an Asian-style lettuce wrap, or use it as a substitution for spring roll or egg roll wrappers. You can even substitute a hamburger bun for a romaine lettuce wrap for a protein-rich meal that is low in carbs. Great for all kinds of paleo meals, this type of lettuce adds a refreshing and crunchy bite.


Can I Make Meals Ahead of Time with This Lettuce?

This romaine lettuce is great for making lunches ahead of time. Simply chop up some romaine lettuce and layer it inside of a mason jar with other kinds of vegetables. Mason jar ideas include a classic Caesar salad, Cobb salad and a Tex-Mex style salad as well. These make great lunches because they are easy to put together and transport. Simply add some dressing when you are ready to eat and give it a little shake to stir. You can make these for the entire week ahead of time.


Easy to Chop and Store

You’ll receive one bag with two heads of lettuce in it, which is easy to store in a variety of places. Refrigerate this romaine lettuce in a produce bin or on any shelf in the fridge. Simply chop up this type of lettuce when you’re ready to use it, or store some leftovers for a later date.



  • Family size
  • Gluten free
  • Perfectly healthy food
  • Fresh and crisp lettuce
  • Good source of vitamin C
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in