IBC Root Beer (12oz / 24pk)


IBC Root Beer (12oz / 24pk) 

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  • Unrivaled root beer flavor and made with real sugar
  • Old-time glass bottles that everyone loves

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IBC Root Beer (12oz / 24pk)


IBC Root Beer pairs well with ice cream, resulting in everyone’s favorite American-style IBC root beer floats.

Why Is It Called “Root Beer?”
The answer lies deep in the history of the root beer flavor. The version that we know today isn’t an alcoholic beverage, but a sweet soda that can be enjoyed by all ages. Many food historians think it’s likely that the first versions of root beer began as “small beer,” a drink brewed from herbs, bark and berries. Small beer was popular in medieval times in Europe, where water pollution had a tendency to make people quite ill. Brewed drinks like teas and beers were considered a healthier option. The same was true in the early days of Colonial America before safe water facilities could be developed. A few centuries later, pharmacists were attempting to create a cure-all for people’s ailments in the late 1800s. Historians believe that root beer was created by accident in a pharmacy experimenting with the ingredients used in small beer recipes. The original “root beer” was sold as a syrup for people to water down into a kind of cordial, but with very little of what we know as root beer flavor.

Why are They Made With Real Sugar?
For more than 25 years, major soft drink companies have been using high fructose corn syrup as sweeteners in their drinks. The switch from cane sugar happened during the 1980s. Recently, companies have been reintroducing classic flavors made with sugar, because reviewers suggest that high fructose corn syrup doesn’t taste as good as real sugar. The IBC Made with Sugar Variety Pack is, of course, made with real sugar for a better experience.

About IBC Root Beer
Since 1919, IBC root beer has provided great-tasting sodas, like those in the IBC Made with Sugar Variety Pack, with the unique heritage of good old-fashioned fun. IBC became renowned for its premium quality and richness, often imitated but never equaled.


  • 24 bottles – 12 fluid ounces each
  • Caffeine free
  • Net volume: 8.52 Liters (288 fluid ounces)
Weight 33.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.46 × 15.84 × 8.18 in
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