Husky Dustpan for Central Vacuum DIY Installation Kit


Husky Dustpan for Central Vacuum DIY Installation Kit


About this item

  • Central vaccuum dustpan kit
  • Install yourself with all the parts needed
  • Floor dustpan inlet opens and turns on and off the central vacuum by a foot switch
  • Simply turn on and sweep the kitchen dust directly in the dustpan
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Husky Dustpan for Central Vacuum DIY Installation Kit



A complete installation kit with floor inlet, this Husky Dustpan for Central Vacuum DIY Installation Kit includes all the necessary parts for a typical floor inlet installation on any central vacuum system. Turn it on/off with a convenient footswitch and sweep dirt directly into the central vacuum dustpan. The floor inlet fits flush-mount in a cabinet toekick or a wall baseboard. Install in your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom–anywhere you choose. A Husky Central Vacuum makes cleaning easier. With no heavy canister to pull, or bulky unit to push around, your furniture never gets dinged or scratched by a bulky unit being pulled around. And you no longer have to wrestle a bulky vacuum up and down the stairs. The power unit is in the garage, so all the noise and dirt stays away from the living areas in the house. Because the central vacuum is stationary and out-of-the-way, it can house a bigger motor with extra power. A central vacuum works a lot better than any traditional vacuum, even those new ones with fancy designs. And this Husky dustpan kit makes it even easier!


Is a Central Vaccum Easy to Use?

The vacuum hose is 30 feet long. And it plugs into several outlets throughout the house. You can reach, and vacuum, literally anything you want to. As a bonus, like any fixed appliance, a Husky Central Vacuum adds value to any house. But nowhere near the value it will add to the family cleaning ritual!



  • Floor dustpan inlet installation kit includes:
  • One Dustpan floor inlet (white)
  • Two clamps (2″ to 2.5″)
  • One 45° spigot elbow (M-F)
  • Handy flexible hose, 2 ft. long, (2″ diameter) for easy installation
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 4 in
component country