Hefty Supreme Bowls (125ct., 28oz.)


Hefty Supreme Bowls (125ct., 28oz.)


About this item

  • Supreme bowl design perfect for any meal or occasion
  • Avoid a messy clean up with these disposable bowls
  • Package includes Box Tops to help earn cash for your favorite school
  • Durable foam built to handle any meal

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Hefty Supreme Bowls (125ct., 28oz.)



Hefty® Supreme Bowls (125ct., 28oz.) are perfect for everyday meals and special occasions.


Do These Supreme Bowls Prevent Messes?

Yes, Hefty Supreme Bowls help prevent messes while offering the affordability for everyday use. These supreme bowls are designed with durable foam features and provide you with a soak-proof layer that prevents stains and leaks. The soak proof layer makes these perfect as supreme soup bowls or bowls for any other liquid-based meals and dishes. With less mess, there’s less time cleaning up and more time spent enjoying your occasion. When the meal is over, there’s no need for washing dishes and loading the dishwasher full with dining ware. Simply toss your Hefty Supreme Bowls in the garbage and enjoy time to yourself or with your loved ones.


Earn Cash For Your School

Hefty Supreme Bowls are partners with Box Tops For Education and provide you with a box top you can use to earn cash for you or your child’s school. Simply clip the box top from the package and send it to school in a baggie or on a collection sheet. A collection sheet presents you with a fun way to keep track of your box tops and motivates you to collect more. Each box top is worth 10 cents and goes toward a fantastic cause.


How Many Bowls in a Pack?

Each pack of Hefty Supreme Bowls comes with 125 disposable 28 ounce foam bowls. Whether you want the simplicity and convenience of a dishwasher-free meal, or you want to use them for a hassle-free, kid’s birthday party, these disposable supreme bowls offer you a mess-free meal.



Hefty is synonomous with strength and durability, and these Hefty Supreme Bowls are strong enough to use in the microwave. Whether you’re heating up some leftover soup, lasagna or baked beans, these bowls can withstand the microwave’s power without warping or distorting the bowl.



  • Hefty Supreme 28oz. Bowls
  • Official Partner of Box Tops for Education
  • Perfect for Parties, Offices and Everyday Use
  • Disposable, Easy Clean Up, Quality
  • Soak Proof
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in