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GUM Soft-Picks, Original (270 ct.)


GUM Soft-Picks, Original (270 ct.)


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  • GUM Soft-Picks
  • On-the-go cases
  • Individually labeled cases for resale
  • Remove food and plaque
  • Recommended by dental professionals
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GUM Soft-Picks, Original (270 ct.)



Maintaining your dental hygiene is an essential part of helping to support your overall health. Using GUM® Soft-Picks®, Original (270 count) helps to remove plaque and food particles. By eliminating bacteria between your teeth, you keep your mouth healthy.


Are GUM Soft-Picks, Original as Effective as Flossing?

Flossing is an integral part of oral hygiene. For those with tight spaces between their teeth, GUM picks may not effectively remove as much plaque and food particles as traditional floss. Those with wider interdental spaces may benefit from using soft-picks instead of floss as they offer a wider tip. However, your favorite floss isn’t always a handy choice when out and about or at the office. Using GUM Soft-Picks, Original during the day can help to break up plaque and remove food particles.


Can You Reuse GUM Soft-Picks?

There are plenty of soft picks in each package that you will not need to reuse them. While some people have reused their picks to clean their teeth, especially later the same day, GUM does not recommend doing so. If you recycle your GUM toothpick, you could risk reintroducing bacteria into the spaces between your teeth. The reintroduction can lead to accelerated growth or mutation of bacteria. Use a new pick every time for best results.


Can GUM Dental Picks Damage Teeth?

Traditional dental picks can potentially damage your enamel if you don’t have much space between your teeth. However, with GUM dental soft-picks, you won’t have the same damaging effect as a metal pick. The soft bristles bend to fit into tight spaces easily.


How Many Soft Toothpicks Come in a Package?

There are 90 soft picks in each of the three on-the-go cases in this package. You can leave a box in your car, in your bathroom and one at your desk at work. With 90 pieces per container, you will have enough to last for months.



  • Soft rubber bristles clean between teeth
  • Removes food and plaque
  • Recommended by dental professionals
  • 3 convenient on-the-go cases
  • Individually labeled for resale