Grape Tomatoes (2 lbs.)


Grape Tomatoes (2 lbs.)


About this item

  • Bite-sized tomatoes make a great snack
  • Good for cooking, salsa, sauces and salads
  • Excellent source of lycopene
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Non-GMO certified
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Grape Tomatoes (2 lbs.)


Loved for their juicy texture and rich flavor, Grape Tomatoes (2 lbs.) are sweet and ripened on the vine. Grown using biodegradable coconut husks and recycled water, these tomatoes are a healthy snack and ingredient you can feel good about eating. This two-pound bunch of tomatoes is perfect for cooking and an easy way to stock up on this versatile fruit.


What Is a Grape Tomato?

Smaller than cherry tomatoes and much smaller than beefsteak tomatoes, grape tomatoes have thick skins that withstand transportation. With a meatier flesh and less water content, grape tomatoes are a great snack and good for cooking because they don’t make dishes overly watery. You can use grape tomatoes in any recipe that calls for beefsteak, cherry, diced or even crushed tomatoes.


Can I Make Salsa With Grape Tomatoes?

Yes, the grape tomato is perfect for salsa. Grab a blender or food processor, 10 grape tomatoes, a quarter of a yellow onion, a handful of freshly chopped cilantro, half a jalapeno, two tbsp. of lime juice, two cloves of garlic and salt to taste to make pico de gallo. Simply chop all of your ingredients into similarly sized chunks and combine in a serving bowl. This salsa recipe is great on breakfast burritos, fish tacos or just eaten with tortilla chips. Test your recipe with the variations of these ingredients, or add in more peppers (like jalapeno or habanero) for more spice, minced garlic for more flavor, etc. Feeding a crowd? Simply double or triple this recipe.


What Else Can I Cook With Grape Tomatoes?

There are other meals you can make with these juicy fruits, whether you’re craving a hot dish or cold one. Here are a few of our the tastiest ways to eat and cook with grape tomatoes:


  • Slice a few grape tomatoes to place on sandwiches and burgers
  • Start your morning in a healthy way with tomato, egg and avocado toast
  • Add moisture and flavor to pasta dishes by dicing and sprinkling in some tomato
  • Add chopped tomato in salads, tacos, scrambled eggs, pizza, galettes or casseroles
  • Make your own tomato sauce and give a homemade spin on classic date-night pasta dishes
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