Goya Sazon (6.3 oz., 36 ct.)


Goya Sazon (6.3 oz., 36 ct.)


Sazón Goya with Coriander and Annatto instantly adds deliciousness flavor and vibrant color to any meats, stews, soup, poultry, pasta, rice, beans, vegetables and so much more.


About this item

  • Gluten-free Goya seasoning
  • Small package sizes
  • Adds Latin flavor to any dish
  • Sugar-free
  • Low sodium
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Goya Sazon (6.3 oz., 36 ct.)



Fixing the same meals week in and week out is boring. Sometimes you need to add a new layer to your dishes to change things up. With Goya Sazon® (6.3 ox, 36ct.) your dishes gain a new flavor profile. These spices can completely change your meal from the same old boring Monday night dinner to something your family is excited to eat.


What Is Sazon Goya Seasoning Used?

Sazon Goya works well with any meal. Add it to meat, soup, poultry, rice and beans to give it a Latin flavor. Sazon seasonings include coriander and annatto to bring your meal to life with a unique flavor. There is no limit to its uses, only the limit of your imagination.

Goya’s site offers a wide array of recipes to enjoy. Sazon seasoning adds a new layer to fish and hamburgers. Some have even used it in nectar reduction sauces. Vegetable dishes such as ranch-style black beans get an authentic Hispanic taste.


From Where Does Goya Sazon Come?

Goya seasoning is one of the largest Hispanic-owned food companies within the United States. The company began in New York, founded by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife. They wanted to bring consumers foods and ingredients from Spain, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic.


Does Sazon Seasoning Ingredients Include MSG?

Among the Goya products, seasoning ingredients include monosodium glutamate, better known as MSG. It also contains salt, garlic, cumin, coriander and annatto. There are no calories in each packet with only 170 milligrams of sodium.

Sazon Goya does offer a salt-free variety that delivers the same authentic Latino flavor while reducing the amount of sodium in each bite.


What Are Some Other Sazon Goya Flavors?

Sazon comes with several different flavors including the coriander and annatto. They also have coriander and tomato, garlic and onion, saffron and coriander without annatto.

How Many Servings Are in Each Package?

Each box contains 36 packages of seasoning. Each serving is .25 teaspoon and there are 180 servings per container. There are no trans-fats in each serving.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.85 × 1.18 × 9.8 in