Fruit Gushers Variety Pack (0.8 oz., 42 ct.)


Fruit Gushers Variety Pack (0.8 oz., 42 ct.)

About this item

  • Never run out of this lunch box favorite with a 42-count box
  • Naturally flavored and bursting with fruity fun
  • Good source of vitamin C
  • Bring home strawberry splash and tropical flavors in one box
  • 90 calories per pouch
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Fruit Gushers Variety Pack (0.8 oz., 42 ct.)


Fruit Gushers are fruit-flavored gummy treats made with no artificial flavors for a delicious gluten-free snack. Bring home Strawberry Splash and Tropical Flavors in one box. Naturally flavored and bursting with fruity fun! Each Fruit Gushers Snack is made with real fruit juice and a burst of delicious fruit flavor. Best of all, these easy kid snacks are made with no artificial flavors, no gelatin and no gluten. Gushers contain a good source of vitamin C that you can feel great about. 


Do These Gushers Fruit Snacks Contain Artificial Flavors?

No, this Fruit Gushers Variety Pack contains 0 artificial flavors. Each gummy is flavored with natural flavors. The main difference between natural and artificial flavors is that natural flavors are sourced from naturally edible materials (like plants and animals). A natural flavor can be sourced from spices, fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, vegetable juices and more. Artificial flavors, however, are not sourced from naturally edible materials. Instead, artificial flavors are sourced from petroleum and other inedible substances. Both natural and artificial flavors are synthesized in laboratories.


What Flavors Come in this Variety Pack?

The two flavors featured in this Fruit Gushers Variety Pack are Strawberry Splash™ and Tropical Flavors. Each variety of these Gushers fruit snacks provides you (or your child) with a healthy amount of vitamin C. Eating a diet with beneficial amounts of vitamin C can do wonders for your health and state of mind.


Vitamin C helps boost your immune system, especially if you’re stressed. Enduring stress can lower the strength of your immune system so it’s important to eat foods with healthy amounts of vitamin C to help re-strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C isn’t a cure for the common cold or for any flu virus, but is a great supplement to help you get over your illness quicker due to its immune-boosting properties. Some research suggests vitamin C helps reduce your risk of stroke by up to 42%. Vitamin C extends to the health of your skin, as well.


Convenient Snacking

The Fruit Gushers Variety Packs offer you convenient snacking for any time and any place. These bite-size, fruit-flavored snacks deliver big taste. Kids love the bold fruity flavors, and moms love that each pouch has only 90 calories. With a gummy outside and fruity, juicy center these variety snacks are bursting with fun. With 42 pouches in a box, you’ll never run out of these individually wrapped snacks. These fruity treats are perfectly sized for lunch boxes, are an easy snack to enjoy after the final bell, and are the perfect on-the-go treat. These fruity snacks are also great for after school and after soccer practice. Get creative! Gushers are the perfect topping to any treat. Add a burst of flavor with a variety pack of Fruit Gushers.



  • 42 pouches – 0.8 ounces each
  • No artificial flavors
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher
  • Net weight: 2.1 pounds (33.6 ounces)