FLTR General Use Face Mask, 50 Disposable Masks

FLTR General Use Face Mask, 50 Disposable Masks

FLTR General Use Face Mask, 50 Disposable Masks

FLTR General Use Face Mask, 50 Disposable Masks


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FLTR General Use Face Mask, 50 Disposable Masks



  • Not Approved for use by Medical Professionals
  • Intended for use as a General Use Mask Only
  • Provides ≥95% Filtration Level with a Particle Size of 0.3 Microns
  • Adjustable Nose Piece and Elastic Ear Loop for Tight Fit
  • Available in Blue or Black
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FLTR General Use Face Mask, 50 Disposable Masks


FLTR General Use Face Masks offer ≥95% filtration of airborne particulates to 0.3 microns. They feature a lightweight 3-layer design that includes barrier, melt-blown polypropylene filter, and comfort layers. A fully adjustable nose piece and soft elastic ear loops create an optimum fit. The result is an easy and reliable way to cover your nose and mouth when out in public or when social distancing is not possible.


Includes 50 FLTR General Use Face Masks.

Not for medical use. This personal protective mask cannot eliminate the risk of contracting infectious disease. Intended for single use only – discard after use.


Multi-Layer Construction

Each layer of material is selected to deliver the functionality required by demanding wearers.

An outer layer provides a barrier against large particles and droplets.

A melt-blown polypropylene filter layer using our purpose-built melt-blown membrane that captures small particles and aerosols.

A comfort layer helps to capture and wick moisture and heat from exhaled air away from the mouth and face.


Why is the Melt-blown Polypropylene Filter So Effective?

Polypropylene is naturally water repellent. Moisture captured by the filter membrane quickly evaporates.

When polypropylene is heated and blown, it forms very thin, fine filaments which bind together in an irregular three-dimensional mesh.

Particles are trapped by these filaments as they move through the filter.

The end result is a highly effective filter with minimal impact on breathability.


Independently Tested, Proven Performance

FLTR masks undergo a rigorous 3-stage quality control and performance testing process to ensure consistent, reliable standards. They are produced at internationally certified facilities, tested on state-of-the-art technical equipment at FLTR’s QC department, and verified by independent 3rd party test labs.

This product has been tested using the ASTM F2100-19 standard for face masks which independently verifies the bacterial filtration level, particulate filtration level, flammability, fluid penetration and inhalation/exhalation resistance. All FLTR items undergo extensive testing in third party labs and meet all applicable standards to provide the highest performance level.

ASTM is an international standards body which defines and implements more than 12,000 test protocols. ASTM has been in business for more than 120 years, has 140 participating countries and seeks to enhance product performance to give consumers confidence in the products they purchase.


Cost Effective Single Use Design

Face masks accumulate airborne particles and moisture over time, which can degrade their performance and comfort.

These masks are intended for single use only and can easily be disposed of after use.

The 50 pack of masks is ideal to keep at home and perfect for small businesses.


Materials and Construction:

  • Filter Type: High-efficiency melt-blown polypropylene
  • Particle Filtration: ≥95% @ 0.3 microns
  • Shell: Blue, polypropylene
  • Absorbent Layer: Polypropylene non-woven fabric
  • Nosepiece: Aluminum, adjustable
  • Earloops: Elastic

Additional information

Shipping Weight 3.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in

Sky Blue, Black


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