Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs AA (18 ct.)

Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs AA (18 ct.)



Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs AA (18 ct.)


About this item:

  • Eggland’s Best Cage-Free eggs have superior nutrition when compared to ordinary eggs
  • 25% less saturated fat   
  • 10x more vitamin E  
  • More than double the omega-3’s   
  • 6x more vitamin D than ordinary eggs




Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs AA (18 ct.)



Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs are an excellent source of vitamins B12, B2 and B5, a good source of folate, and provide 38% more lutein than regular eggs. Plus, Eggland’s Best Cage Free white eggs provide a good source of complete protein and an excellent source of choline. 


Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs come from hens that are not kept in cages and are allowed to roam free. The hens are provided with fresh air, are protected from predators, and have areas to exhibit natural behaviors. Cage-free hens are fed a wholesome, all-vegetarian diet consisting of healthy grains, canola oil, and a supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp, and vitamin E. All of which results in more nutritious and better-tasting eggs that have been proven to stay fresher longer than ordinary eggs.  


Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs have more of the good stuff because we do things differently—right from the start. The Eggland’s Best hen feed contains no animal by-products and no recycled or processed foods. Eggland’s Best never uses hormones, steroids or antibiotics of any kind. And we don’t stop at providing the highest quality feed for our hens. We conduct more than 75,000 tests each year, and created a “27 Points of Quality and Freshness” Program that is the most rigorous egg quality assurance program in the industry.


The distinctive “EB” stamp on the shell assures you that Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs meet the highest production and safety standards. Simply put, if you want great nutrition and taste, Eggland’s Best eggs are the only eggs to give your family. With strong shells and creamy, bright yellow yolks, Eggland’s Best farm-fresh eggs taste great in countless recipes. Get your day off to a great start with an over-easy egg or scrambled eggs. Enjoy hard-cooked eggs as a protein-packed snack, an egg sandwich for lunch, or a hearty omelet for dinner. And when it comes to baked goods like cookies and cakes, use Eggland’s Best eggs to add superior taste and nutrition to your recipe. Stock up today for endless possibilities for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.



  • NET WEIGHT 2.25 LBS   
  • 45 DAY SHELF LIFE   
  • Keep refrigerated at or below 45 degrees F.   
  • Keep Refrigerated. 
  • Best if opened by the sell-date that’s listed on the package.


Safe Handling Instructions: To prevent illness from bacteria: Keep eggs refrigerated, cook eggs until yolks are firm, and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly.