Eco-Products Compostable Dinner Plate, 9″ (500 ct.)


Eco-Products Compostable Dinner Plate, 9″ (500 ct.)


About this item

  • 500 eco-friendly plates
  • Made from sugarcane and 100% renewable resources
  • Microwave- and freezer-safe
  • Natural white color
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Eco-Products Compostable Dinner Plate, 9″ (500 ct.)



The Eco-Products® Compostable Dinner Plate, 9″ (500 ct.) is the solution to your convenient-but-guilty conundrum of using disposable plates. Everyone knows how nice it is to avoid the burdensome cleanup of a pile of dirty dishes, especially when entertaining or feeding a large group of people. Sometimes dishwashing isn’t even a practical option at all. These plates are made using bagasse, which is a completely natural material that is a byproduct of sugarcane growth and refinement into sugar. It’s making use of a material that otherwise goes to waste, or more accurately, to compost. This plate is just adding one stop along the way to the bagasse’s eventual landing place: back in the earth. Even though these plates are strong enough to hold an entire helping of spaghetti and meatballs, they are also 100% compostable and can be returned to the soil they came from to nurture the future harvest of sugarcane and the future generation of the planet’s inhabitants.


What Are the Best Eco-Friendly Plates?

As far as disposable dinnerware goes, there are plenty of compostable paper plates. But when made from paper, such plates place a heavy burden on forests and trees that they rely on for their strength and girth. With the Eco-Products Compostable Dinner Plate, you are getting all the strength of a thick paper plate without the strain on forests. These compostable plates are instead made from a byproduct of sugar cane, taking advantage of a process that occurs whether the byproducts are used or not. Trees are completely removed from the equation and the plates are made with a more efficient, stronger natural material.


Is Compostable Dinnerware Safe in the Microwave?

The Eco-Products Compostable Dinner Plate is safe in the microwave. The bagasse used to make these plates does not break down, melt, spark or catch on fire in the microwave. It performs just the same as any other plate you would put in the microwave, and your food comes out delicious and untainted.

Is Compostable Dinnerware Safe in the Freezer?

These bagasse plates are safe in the freezer. Because the natural material is hardy and durable, it does not transform or change when in a freezer for extended periods of time.



  • Tree-free compostable dinnerware
  • Made of bagasse
  • Completely compostable in commercial composting environment
  • Sturdy design
  • 9 ” diameter
  • 500 per carton
  • Natural white
  • Global Product Type: Dinnerware >
  • Dinnerware Type: Plate
  • Material(s): Sugarcane;Bagasse
  • Shape: Round
  • Diameter: 9″
  • Color(s): Natural White
  • Disclaimer Statement: Compost according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Suitable composting facilities may not be available in all areas
Weight 10.54 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 in
component country