Eclipse Gum Bottle Variety Pack (60 ct., 4 pks.)


Eclipse Gum Bottle Variety Pack (60 ct., 4 pks.)


About this item

  • Four packages of chewing gum
  • Convenient upright bottle for storage
  • Each package contains 60 pieces of sugarless gum
  • Ideal for sale in C-stores, concession stands and vending machines
  • All gum is sugar free
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Eclipse Gum Bottle Variety Pack (60 ct., 4 pks.)



Eclipse Gum Bottle Variety Pack (60 ct., 4 pks.) is a sugarless gum variety pack that has the American Dental Association’s seal of approval. Perfect for when you want a punch of flavor without the sugar, you can pop one any time you like. Each piece of gum comes in pellet form with a crisp, hard coating that sets it apart from other sugar-free gum.


What Flavors of Gum Come in Eclipse Gum Bottle Variety Pack?

Each package of Eclipse gum comes with four bottles, each of which holds 60 pieces of gum. The single green bottle is filled with Eclipse Spearmint gum, while the silver bottle contains Polar Ice gum. The final two blue bottles are filled with the popular Winterfrost flavor. This package offers a great way to try several Eclipse chewing gum types to decide which is your favorite or to mix in a little variety.


Fresh Breath Whenever You Need It

This sugarless gum comes in a uniquely shaped bottle that is meant to offer convenience. It will fit nearly anywhere you want to store it. Put one on your desk, another on your kitchen counter or even leave on in your vehicle cup-holder for fresh breath on the go. It’s perfect to grab on the go and take with you wherever your day takes you. Toss it in your purse, briefcase or backpack and have Eclipse gum with you anywhere you are.


Can Eclipse Gum Bottle Variety Pack Be Resold?

Each bottle of Eclipse chewing gum is packaged for individual resale. That means you can put it up for sale in convenience stores, vending machines, concession stands or anywhere else you want. With flavors to suit any taste, anyone who is looking for gum will likely find a selection that fits their needs. Buying bulk Eclipse chewing gum is also inexpensive compared to buying individually, making it a great option for anyone who regularly chews sugarless gum.



  • Packaged for Individual Resale
  • Sugar Free
Weight 3.28 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in