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Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, Heavyweight, 10 1/16″ (186 ct.)


Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, Heavyweight, 10 1/16″ (186 ct.)


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  • For foodservice establishments or office break rooms, these economical paper bowls are designed for durability and are microwaveable for convenient serving and reheating.
  • About this item
  • 10-1/16″ diameter
  • 186 plates
  • Cut-resistant
  • Microwavable
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified
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Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, Heavyweight, 10 1/16″ (186 ct.)



Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, Heavyweight, 10-1/16″ (186 count) are Dixie’s strongest, most resilient paper plates. These sturdy plates are ready to stand up to the sauciest, messiest meals you can throw at it. Go ahead and pile it on with these microwavable disposable plates that can hold up to 2 lbs.


How Tough Are Dixie Paper Plates?

Nothing is worse than having a paper plate fold on you and send dinner crashing to the floor. Dixie Ultra Paper Plates are made with Flex-Proof technology so they won’t bend or break. Pile your plate high with confidence knowing you can safely get from the food to your seat and back again for seconds. These disposable plates are cut-resistant as well, meaning you don’t have to limit yourself to finger food. Bring on the fork and knife; these plates are up to the challenge.


How Much Can Disposable Plates Carry?

If you’ve got Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, the answer is a lot. These plates can carry up to 2 lbs of food, which is a lot of cake, a really big burger or a pile of hot dogs. You don’t need to worry about sticky, saucy meals either because these Dixie plates are coated with a patented Soak Proof Shield to keep them from getting weak, soggy or flimsy.


Are Paper Plates Microwavable?

Dixie plates are as good with food off the grill as they are in a microwave. Reheating leftovers is a snap with these versatile plates. They’re even tough enough to stand up to re-heating liquids and particularly saucy lunches and dinners.


Paper Plates That Look Great

Why settle for plain white styrofoam plates when you could go with something that will look stylish and attractive on the dinner table. These plates come with a fun and unique design that fits right in at a birthday party or get-together at the office.



  • CAPACITY: 20 oz.
  • MATERIAL: Paper
  • DIAMETER: 10 1/16″
  • # OF PACKS: 1
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Elemental Chlorine Free (ECG), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified
  • RESALABLE: Yes – Outside case is UPCd
  • DESIGN: Modern Romance
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in
component country