Dell Technology Solutions to the Workforce Transformation and Pandemic

Dell Technology Solutions to the Workforce Transformation and Pandemic

Dell Technology Solutions to the Workforce Transformation and Pandemic

Today the lives in the most technologically advanced times in the history of the planet earth. The world has reached the summits of technological development and there seems no end to it.

 Human beings are capable of adapting themselves to this constant technological flux that has not only impacted their lifestyles but has set up the stage for further business prospects. Globalization in businesses has challenged them to adopt new tools to sustain the expansion of their business.  

The 2020 pandemic has forced even small businesses to channelize their work through virtual mediums. Worldwide businesses have been heavily dependent upon technological gadgets. However, the new normal has pushed also the smaller businesses that were previously reluctant to rely on technology and now have shown their inclination towards technological gadgets.

Dell Technology Solutions has been proactive while dealing with the rapidly shifting business, education, or other institutional paradigms. Dell has always been successful in adopting a holistic approach toward workforce transformation. The recent pandemic has structurally changed a lot of things for various businesses.

Work from home transition

With the offices closed, the office work shifted to working from homes which raised new challenges. Some employees carried their laptop electronic gadgets at home while some struggled with adjusting to the lack of personalized laptops or PCs at home for work purposes. Numerous other challenges came along with remote working. 

For example, the lack of technical support due to the physical unavailability of IT staff. Considering the sudden transition, one must not compromise on their productivity levels due to any technological hurdles. It is not wise to assume that everyone has a convenient space at home to work.

One might not have a choice to change its environmental setting however they can create their ease through other ways. Here is when one looks for manageable gadgets that do not hinder their performance regardless of the environment. Dell Latitude 3400 is one of the most desirable Dell laptops.

It has the latest 8th generation Intel® Core™ Processors with up to i7 4-Core which allows one to experience the office environment and sustains the productivity level. Each feature of Dell Latitude 3400 is designed to provide ease daily users as well as office workers.

Young people working on start-ups

Many young people have started brainstorming to come up with innovative start-ups. These young minds are much oriented towards innovative technology as their tools to operate on new start-up ideas. Dell products, especially the Dell Latitude series facilitates the need for these growing businesses. 

The easy-to-carry, sleek laptop is ideal for new businesses seeking to expand. The ideating stage of a start-up requires extensive features as well as the durability of the gadget that can withstand the pressure of continuous usage.

What Dell Latitude 3400 has for transiting business settings and growing businesses?

Dell largely values its users and believes in sustainable innovation. It is apparent in Dell Latitude 3400 which is one of the most intelligent and reliable laptops. The Dell Latitude 3400 is the most desirable and a priority choice for growing businesses. The installation of Windows 10 Profits best to give a unique PC experience. 

The recent pandemic has largely extended the screen-time for working people as well as students. Dell Latitude 3400 holds Intel® Core™ Processors that can bear extensive usage time and still be as responsive as new. The faster performance and extraordinary connectivity allow its users to focus, create, and connect. 

The extended battery life allows its users to work without any interruptions and focus on their tasks. If you are wondering about this model’s design, then let me bring you attention to the fact that it is the first 3000 series laptop to qualify as an Ultrabook. It makes it safe and ideal for travel use. 

It has a 40% thinner bezel than the previous generation. One does not have to worry about its integration into various sorts of the social environment because it’s elegant look makes it easily diffuse into all sorts of environments from the workplace to colleges. 

It cannot be emphasized more how important the aspect of security is for businesses or even regular users. Dell Latitude 3400 recognizes your need to secure your information. Therefore, it provides an optional fingerprint reader on the power button.

Dell recognizes the diverse nature of your work and its need, therefore, it has brought to its users the ProDeploy Client Suite, ProSupport for PC’s, and ProSupport Plus for PC’s. These features provide easy hardware and software support, access to technical support team throughout the day, prevention of hard drive failure, and retention of a hard drive in case of replacement.

Moreover, a range of slots and ports allows one to experience the sharing of data and display hrough various mediums.

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