Death Stranding – PlayStation 4


Death Stranding – PlayStation 4


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  • All-new, genre-defying experience for the PlayStation 4
  • Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding
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Death Stranding – PlayStation 4



If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid series, then you’ll know legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has a knack for weaving twisting, compelling tales. Freed from the shackles of writing for a long-running series, Kojima goes all-in and all-out with Death Stranding’s story. You might have caught some of the trailers and seen a baby in a bottle strapped to Norman Reedus’ chest and some ghosts floating in the sky, but it makes a lot more sense than you might think.


In a nutshell, the titular Death Stranding was caused by an explosion that unintentionally bridged the gap between the world of the living and the world of the dead. There are two things that are terrifying about the world post-Stranding: BTs and Timefall. BTs are those ghostly apparitions that haunt the land, and Timefall is a kind of rain that rapidly ages whatever it touches. Between the BTs, Timefall, and the explosion, the America we know is long gone, replaced by a handful of scattered cities and survivors living in isolation.



  • PS4 Physical disc.