Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser (1 gal., 3 ct.)


Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser (1 gal., 3 ct.)


About this item

  • Best degreaser for a range of environments
  • Full-strength for cleaning tough, greasy buildup
  • Super clean degreaser that is safe for use on foodservice contact surfaces
  • Non-caustic, nonflammable, non-corrosive formula
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Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser (1 gal., 3 ct.)


Dawn® Heavy Duty Degreaser (1 gal., 3 ct.) is full-strength for tough and greasy buildup on a variety of surfaces.


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At P&G Professional, they understand the importance of quality and professionally cleaned spaces. P&G Professional knows that first impressions and lasting experiences are so critical. They are determined to help their business partners apply more innovative technology to the science of commercial cleaning. P&G Professional understands what people want in their daily life and their products and services are created to help businesses meet people’s needs all over the nation. It’s a proven fact that all customers notice, enjoy and are calmed and comforted by cleaner and fresh-smelling environments. Thanks to P&G Professional you can experience a positive environment where people benefit and not surprisingly, businesses thrive and grow.


What Surfaces Does Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser Clean?

Dawn Ultra Heavy Duty Degreaser is designed to clean very tough and greasy jobs. This Super Clean Degreaser can be used to clean even the extra-tough build-up on a variety of kitchen surfaces. Use this Heavy Duty Degreaser to clean range hoods, ovens, greasy quarry tile floors and other greasy hard surfaces. In addition, it also works great on exterior surfaces, such as sidewalks and drive-thru pads. Use Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser designed for spot cleaning where heavy grease build-ups are lingering. This three-pack of one-gallon bottles saves you both time and money from having to run back to the store, especially when you are busy running your own business. This stock will last and allow you to focus on what matters most, like keeping your customers happy.


Is Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser Safe?

Yes, Dawn Power Dissolver is safe for use on food contact surfaces. This formula is non-caustic, non-flammable and non-corrosive.



  • Use full-strength for cleaning tough, greasy buildup on range hoods, ovens and walls
  • Safe for use on foodservice contact surfaces
  • Non-caustic
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-corrosive formula