Creamer Potato (5 lbs.)


Creamer Potato (5 lbs.)

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What’s better than pre-washed potatoes? Potatoes with skin so soft, they don’t need peeling! Your cooking time just got cut in half. Woo hoo!


About this item

  • Full of good nutrition without any fat
  • Pre-washed and chosen for consistent size
  • Can be boiled, microwaved, roasted or grilled
  • Cooks quickly and evenly with no peeling required
  • Brand may vary by club
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Creamer Potato (5 lbs.)



If you’re looking to round out dinner this evening, Fresh creamer potatoes have a place in every meal. Your family will love their buttery texture. Pick up a bag today for an easy and nutritious dish.


What are Creamer Potatoes?

Creamer potatoes are distinguished by their small size, thin skin, and various colors. Unlike other potatoes, creamer potatoes have skin that doesn’t need peeling, especially since they’re so nutritious. You’ll love how easy it is to cook with them.


How Can They be Cooked?

Not only can you leave the peeler in the drawer, but the consistent size of creamer potatoes also means that they cook evenly. Take into account their small size, and you have an unbelievably short cook time! Boil, microwave, roast or grill them and you’ve got a meal in minutes. Can it get any easier?


Fresh Creamer Potatoes are a Lovely Addition to Any Meal

Potatoes are so versatile because they go with everything. Whether you’re working with fresh vegetables or flank steak, our fresh creamer potatoes will perfectly offset the other food on the plate. Drenched in butter or simply boiled to keep the calories down, fresh creamer potatoes can be used as a filling main dish or a satisfying side.


A Healthier Option

There’s no denying it—a fresh potato is really good for you. Potatoes contain no fat, cholesterol, sodium or gluten and they’re rich in potassium and dietary fiber. Whatever else your meal contains, this indomitable vegetable is a reliable source of good nutrition.


Meals the Whole Family will Enjoy

A great addition to any dinner table is a plate full of golden-brown, roasted creamer potatoes. Many will skip the green beans or the broccoli, but not one of these buttery potatoes will remain. Nothing beats their irresistible bite-size shape and fluffy texture. Your family will be clamoring for them at every meal. They make great leftovers too!

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in