Corn Nuts Ranch Crunchy Corn Kernels (1.7 oz. Pouches, 18 ct.)


Corn Nuts Ranch Crunchy Corn Kernels (1.7 oz. Pouches, 18 ct.)

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Corn to the Core: Taste the real roasted corn kernels. Hear the ultimate crunch!

About this item

  • 18/1.7 oz. box
  • Ranch Corn Nuts
  • Made with fried whole corn kernels and zesty seasoning
  • Individually sized bags
  • Labeled for resale
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Corn Nuts Ranch Crunchy Corn Kernels (1.7 oz. Pouches, 18 ct.)



Flavorful, crispy Corn Nuts Crunchy Ranch (1.7 oz., 18 pk.) are a great snack that’s fun to have around when you want something other than regular chips or crackers. They’re made with whole corn kernels and coated in tangy and savory ranch seasoning for a snack you’ll enjoy–bag after bag.


About Corn Nuts Crunchy Ranch

This pack contains 18 1.7-ounce single serve bags of Ranch Corn Nuts, the snack made with crispy fried whole corn kernels. Each piece combines the naturally-sweet and satisfying flavor of real corn with the irresistible seasonings of cool and zesty ranch dressing. Ranch Corn Nuts bulk pack are great to fave for the game room at home, an office pantry or anywhere a delicious, fun corn snack will be enjoyed.


Who Will Enjoy These Ranch Corn Nuts?

These distinct corn snacks are a favorite and a staple in homes across the country. They’re a favorite of gamers who want a tasty snack to fuel them between challenges, college students who want something crunchy to enjoy when studying and those watching major soccer and football matches with friends. Since they come in individually wrapped sizes, these are perfect for distributing to family and guests with ease. Corn Nuts are also a delicious complement to all sorts of beverages, from soda and juice to cocktails and beer.


Good for Resale

While many may keep a Corn Nuts bulk pack for their home or workplace, this handy pack is also great for restocking vending machines. Ranch Corn Nuts come in a cardboard display case that makes it easy for customers to spot them and grab a bag, making them perfect for convenience stores, concession stands and fundraising efforts.



  • 18/1.7 oz. box
  • Ranch
  • Labeled for resale