Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli (15 oz., 12 pk.)

Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli (15 oz., 12 pk.)


Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli (15 oz., 12 pk.)


About this item

  • Raviolis filled with seasoned beef
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • 1/2-cup of vegetables per serving
  • Beef ravioli has no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors




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Products Description

Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli (15 oz., 12 pk.)



Serve up a hot, delicious Italian dinner in minutes with Chef Boyardee® Beef Ravioli (15 oz, 12 pk/). Quick and easy to prepare, beef ravioli makes a great choice for family dinners. This 12-pack delivers great value designed to fit with your budget.


What’s in Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli?

Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli contains delicious bite-sized pillows of seasoned beef simmered in a rich, savory tomato sauce. Made with quality ingredients, it’s free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Chef Boyardee ravioli also contains a half cup of vegetables per serving for added nutritional needs.


Ready in Minutes

Curb your cravings in almost no time. Chef Boyardee takes only minutes to prepare, so you can enjoy a wholesome meal within minutes of walking through the door after a long day at work. A single serving contains 220 calories, making it a great pick for those nights when you’re short on time but big on hunger. And with 12 packs per box, there’s plenty to go around for everyone.


Creative Recipes

Put a tasty spin on your dinner by trying out different recipes. Try it out in some ravioli lasagne, or work some into your next batch of delicious ravioli pizza pockets. Pair this food with fresh zucchini, tomato and cheese for a tasty ravioli skillet recipe. Mix in some crunchy corn chips, lettuce and diced tomatoes.


Who makes Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli?

ConAgra Foods produces Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli. The brand was founded in 1928, when Ettore Boiardi, an immigrant chef, decided to bottle and sell his popular special sauce. It became an instant hit. Boiardi named the brand “Boy-Ar-Dee”, so buyers could pronounce his name correctly.



  • 12 – 15 oz. cans
Weight 11.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.13 × 4.61 × 12.09 in
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