Best Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters

Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters

Best Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters


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Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters


About this item

  • Commercial coffee filters
  • Bunn 1.5 gallon coffee filters
  • Oxygenated paper
  • 12.75″ x 5.25″ size
  • 500 filters
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Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters



Making coffee for a large group requires a large coffee maker. For that, you need a filter that can handle the load. With the Bunn® 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters, you can rest assured that your commercial coffee pot is ready to go no matter what time of day it is.


What Size Are the Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters?

Coffee filter sizes vary from container to container. However, for a large brewer such as the Bunn 1.5-gallon maker, you need a filter that can accommodate the necessary amount of ground coffee. The Bunn 1.5 Gallon Brewer Filters have measurements of 12.75″ tall with a base of 5.25″. The size is enough to accommodate all your commercial coffee needs.


How Many Bunn Coffee Filters Come in a Package?

Each container has 500 coffee filters inside. This count is enough for 500 packets of coffee. For best results, it would be ideal if you used a fresh coffee filter for each pot you make. Even if you create new pots back to back, you should still change the filter and use fresh grounds.


Can You Use This Package of Coffee Filter Paper in Home Brewing Systems?

The basket for coffee varies in size depending on how much water your maker holds. For a system that only makes eight or 10 cups of coffee, the filter basket is going to be much smaller than that of a one-and-a-half-gallon boiler. While you may be able to cut the height down to fit the smaller unit, the width will be too large. The filter won’t lay flat, and it will cause the coffee not to brew as well.


How Does the Bunn Coffee Filter Make Better Coffee?

Bunn uses heavyweight paper that is specially designed to ensure that there is an optimum extraction of flavor. The heavier paper allows for the water to flow through the coffee correctly, not too fast and not too slow. The flat bottom design helps to ensure that the commercial filters keep their form and keep grounds from spilling out.



  • 500 count 
  • 12.75″ overall measure by 5.25″ base

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