Bounty Paper Towels White, 12 Rolls = 30 Regular Rolls

Bounty Paper Towels White, 12 Rolls = 30 Regular Rolls



Bounty Paper Towels White, 12 Rolls = 30 Regular Rolls


About this item:

  • Pack contains 12 rolls of full-size paper towels
  • Each roll contains 150% more sheets than a regular roll
  • Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper*
  • One roll can last 50% longer*
  • Try Bounty napkins, too

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Bounty Paper Towels White, 12 Rolls = 30 Regular Rolls



Bounty® Paper Towels (12 Gigantic Rolls) give you the quick and easy solution for cleaning up spills all around the home, office or classroom. They’re absorbent to quickly soak up spills and other messes, making cleaning easy for everyone.


How Much Do You Get?

This purchase of paper towels comes with 12 extra large rolls. Each paper towel roll contains full-size sheets to tackle larger messes.


How Do Bounty Paper Towels Compare?

These Bounty full-sheet paper towels are twice as absorbent as the leading ordinary brand. They’re designed to trap and lock away messes, so when you’re soaking up a spill, you don’t have to worry about drips on the way to the trash can or sink.


Countless Uses

Bounty towels have virtually unlimited uses around the house, office, classroom and more. At home, you can conveniently wipe up spills on the kitchen counter or dining table. They’re also great for heavy messes after cooking since you can simply throw the paper towel away after use. Mist these Bounty full-sheet paper towels with a multi-surface spray to dust tables and shelves. With spills on furniture or other porous surfaces, they’re wonderful for dabbing and soaking up liquids before spot treating and stain removal. Keep a roll in the office break room for easy cleanup after lunch time. They also make good napkins for picnics or informal group gatherings. In the classroom, use Bounty towels to clean up paint and glue messes, or to wipe and dry children’s hands after recess.



  • Pack contains 12 rolls of Bounty White Full-Size Paper Towels