BOOST High Protein Drink Strawberry (24 pk.)


BOOST High Protein Drink Strawberry (24 pk.)



Complete high protein nutritional drink

26 essential vitamins and minerals

20g of high-quality protein

Gluten- and lactose-free

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BOOST High Protein Drink Strawberry (24 pk.)



Add some BOOST® High Protein Drink, Strawberry (24 pk.) to your day when you want extra nutrition or when you want to sip on something delicious. Enjoy this high-protein nutritional drink at room temperature, cold from the fridge or over ice. It can also be blended with ice too if you want something similar to a smoothie.


What is BOOST High Protein Drink?

BOOST protein drinks are a product of Nestlé Health Science. They are nutritional beverages that contain 26 essential vitamins such as A, D, K and C. They are also high in biotin, calcium and folic acid. The drink itself tastes similar to a creamy milkshake making it very palatable. This high protein recipe contains a fantastic 20 grams of protein that is perfect for building muscle health. It contains more protein than other BOOST products.


Why Do People Drink BOOST High Protein Drink?

BOOST protein shakes are a great product for those who are unable to eat a balanced meal, who are lactose intolerant or who are practicing a gluten-free lifestyle. In addition, BOOST High Protein Drink is kosher. Each 8 fl. Oz. bottle contains 240 calories. It works very well as a nutritional snack or a small meal. This case of BOOST nutritional drink comes with 24 bottles. Each bottle is resealable and very convenient for those on the go. Throw one in your jacket pocket, backpack, purse or keep a few handy in the office kitchen so that you always have one readily available.


What is Nestlé Health Science?

The Nestlé Health Science company was formed in 2011. It develops innovative ways to provide health, wellness and nutrition to the masses. With the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences behind it, products are backed with scientific research that works.



  • Excellent source of calcium and vitamin D to support bone health
  • Helps to maintain muscle