Black Forest Gummy Spring Snacks 48 oz, 80 ct.

Black Forest Gummy Spring Snacks 48 oz, 80 ct.



Black Forest Gummy Spring Snacks 48 oz, 80 ct.



  • Gummy Spring Snacks made from real food sources
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • 80 to/from gift exchange pouches
  • Gluten-free and fat-free




Black Forest Gummy Spring Snacks 48 oz, 80 ct.


Go ahead, and treat yourself and your friends with this 80-count package of Black Forest Gummy Spring Snacks! Made for fruit lovers, by fruit lovers. Every pack of Black Forest fruit snacks contains real flavors and an authentic fruity taste. Yum!


Brand Commitment

Since the beginning, Black Forest has been determined to make delicious snacks using an extra thoughtful approach. Today, their classic and organic treats give you a delicious way to snack with premium ingredients, passion, and a touch of love packed into each bite.


Soft, Chewy, and Fruity

What makes Black Forest so good? The classic and organic snacks are made with real fruit juice for soft and chewy treats you’ll love at first bite.


Real Fruit Flavors

Black Forest’s fruity flavors taste like the real thing because they’re made with the real thing. They use real fruit juice to keep the snacks packed with true-to-life flavors, and the colors come from real plant sources like carrots, purple sweet potatoes, turmeric, and radishes to give our products the bright colors you know and love.


Convenience and Versatility

Anytime, anywhere. Whether you eat them individually or by the handful, pack them for lunch, or save them for a special occasion or reward, you’ll love Black Forest Gummy Spring Snacks.



  • Net weight: 48 oz.