Bimbo Mini Mantecadas (2.21oz / 8pk)

Bimbo Mini Mantecadas

Bimbo Mini Mantecadas (2.21oz / 8pk)


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Bimbo Mini Mantecadas (2.21oz / 8pk)


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  • Can buy mini muffins for vending, concessions and lunch boxes
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Bimbo Mini Mantecadas (2.21oz / 8pk)



Do you sometimes find yourself wanting a snack that will satisfy a craving and your hunger? We’ve all been there. Bimbo Mini Mantecadas is the kind of snack you’re looking for.


What Are Bimbo Mini Mantecadas?

This product is inspired by a Mexican Mantecadas recipe. These are mini muffins that are soft and sweet and make great snacks or treats. They can be compared to other products like mini chocolate chip muffins or something similar.


Who Should Buy Bimbo Mini Mantecadas?

If you are someone who likes to buy mini muffins, then you’ll love Mini Mantecadas. These are great little snacks to throw in a lunchbox or have on-hand in your purse. Other reasons to buy them are for vending machines, convenience stores or concession stands.


How Are Bimbo Mini Mantecadas Packaged?

This box of Mini Mantecadas has eight individual packages of two Mini Mantecadas per package. You can eat them both yourself or share one with a friend.

How Many Calories Are in One Package of Mini Mantecadas?

Each package of the mini muffins has 270 calories and 15 grams of fat. There are 29 grams of carbohydrates, of which 16 grams are sugars. There is one serving in each twin pack of Bimbo Mini Mantecadas.


Why Should I Buy Bimbo Mini Mantecadas?

Buying these little mini muffin cups makes it easy to please your family with a delicious snack that fills them up and tastes great. They’re packaged in convenient twin packs that are great for grab-and-go. Buying this product is much easier than baking mini muffins yourself. It’s faster and not nearly as messy. These are also extra tasty if you eat them with milk, tea or coffee. So if you like to drink any of these kinds of beverages, try having some Mini Mantecadas with it.



  • 8 packs – 2.21 ounces each
  • 2 mini muffins per package
  • Net weight: 1.11 pounds (17.68 ounces)

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Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 10 × 2.1 × 10.63 in
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United States


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