Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards – 12 pks.

Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards – 12 pks.



Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards – 12 pks.

About this item

  • Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards – 12 pks.
  • The classic deck of playing cards with a jumbo index
  • 6 red and 6 blue packs
  • Great for kids or those who have trouble reading small print
  • Sturdy Bicycle construction




Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards – 12 pks.


It’s game time with Bicycle® Jumbo Faces Playing Cards – 12 pks. Playing cards are one of the oldest toys in human history, and one of the most enduring too. Playing cards have survived for hundreds of years thanks to their versatility and compact nature. There are hundreds of games you can play with a standard deck of playing cards and this box comes with 12 decks in all, six red and six blue.

What Are Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards?

These jumbo playing cards are not to be confused with the giant novelty playing cards you might have seen. Instead, these cards have extra large faces which make the card faces easier to read. These are perfect for players who might struggle to read the print on smaller cards. The large print makes it crystal clear which cards you have in your hand. Jumbo Bicycle cards are also great for young children. Use these cards to teach kids important concepts like colors, shapes and numbers.

Are Jumbo Bicycle Cards Made Like Regular Cards?

Yes! Bicycle Jumbo Faces Playing Cards are still made with the same high-quality construction that standard Bicycle cards are. They featured beveled edges for safety, sandwich construction for extra durability and a patented air-cushion Bicycle finish that gives them a distinct weight and feel when they are in your hands.

What Are The Best Cards For Magicians?

Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards are great for any magician who does card magic as part of a stage act. One of the struggles of card magic on stage is that most audience members can’t see well enough to get a clear look at what card is being used. Jumbo faced cards alleviate this problem by making sure that every audience member can see the card from the front row to the very back of the auditorium.


  • Bicycle decks feature the patented air-cushion bicycle finish, softly beveled edges, and sandwich construction for enhanced gameplay
  • US-made cards ensure the highest level of quality