Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 L)


Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 L)


About this item

  • Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil features a robust and fruity flavor
  • Ideal for salad dressings, marinades, pasta topping and bread dipping
  • Use for cooking favorite foods such as chicken, potatoes or sautéing vegetables
  • Available in a convenient 2-liter bottle
  • Smoke point: 406°F
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Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 L)



Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil can add more flavor to your favorite foods. This healthy alternative to other fats and oils is an excellent choice for cooking, frying or baking.


What Is Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Bertolli Olive Oil has a robust and fruity flavor that will add a delicious taste to your food during cooking. Olive oil has many exceptional health benefits and is known to be a much healthier alternative to many other forms of cooking oil and fats.

This extra virgin olive oil features selected olive oils from Argentina, Italy, Spain and Tunisia. It has the original rich taste that Bertolli is known for. Bertolli Cold Extracted Organic Olive Oil is the world’s number one brand of olive oil. Their extra virgin olive oil goes beyond Italy’s strict standards for full-bodied taste and low acidity, making it a favorite for cooks all throughout the world.


What Can Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Be Used For?

Use this extra virgin olive oil for cooking all types of foods such as chicken, steak, potatoes or to saute your favorite vegetables. It can be used for salad dressings, for marinades, bread dipping and as a tasty topping for various types of pasta. You can now purchase Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil at in the convenient 2-liter bottle. This will provide you with plenty of EVOO to use daily without having to run back to the store to restock. Pick up a bottle or two at your local Club or choose to place your order online for home delivery.



  • Robust
  • Made from the first cold pressing
  • Deep green in color
  • Smoke Point: 406 degrees Fahrenheit