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BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Fresh Mozzarella (32 oz.)


BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Fresh Mozzarella (32 oz.)


About this item

  • Fresh mozzarella in 2 packages, 16 oz. per package
  • Gluten-free and rBST free
  • Made with fresh Wisconsin milk
  • Vegetarian and all-natural
  • A significant source of calcium and protein
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BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Fresh Mozzarella (32 oz.)



BelGioioso ® Pre-Sliced Mozzarella is made from fresh Wisconsin milk just hours after the milking has been done. Crafted from start to finish in America’s Dairyland, it’s one of the best mozzarella cheeses available and deserves a place at your table.


BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Mozzarella

Milky, tender, and mild, fresh mozzarella has a slight cream layer beneath the skin. When you slice it, you can actually see the creamy richness. Ideal for savoring on its own, it’s also perfect on a simple Caprese salad, homemade pizza, rigatoni, eggplant parmesan, and lasagna. Fresh mozzarella is also great for making quick appetizers and salads. Conveniently pre-sliced, it’s easy to serve in a variety of ways.


100% Natural

Belgioioso fresh mozzarella is an award-winning all-natural cheese with a clean-tasting, fresh flavor. The fresh mozzarella cheese is gluten-free and rBST-free. Each of these two packages includes 16 servings that are one ounce each. Just 70 calories per serving, this fresh mozzarella is also a significant source of calcium and protein, with five grams of protein and 8% of the daily recommended value of calcium per serving.


Keep it Fresh

Make sure that your mozzarella cheese is refrigerated both before and after opening. Do not leave it sitting out on the counter after using. Make sure it is wrapped up and keep it in the fridge until you need to use it next and always pay attention to the expiration date.



  • Sliced and ready to serve
  • Serve as a delicious appetizer or add to pasta dishes
  • Perfect for melting on pizza and in pasta dishes
  • Award-winning quality from a trusted brand
  • Keep refrigerated
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in