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Ball Park Tailgaters Crustini Buns (12pk)


Ball Park Tailgaters Crustini Buns (12pk)


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  • Hearty split-top burger buns baked to a golden color
  • Great for grilled chicken, juicy burgers or roasted veggies
  • From the #1 bun brand in America
  • 12 buns per package
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Ball Park Tailgaters Crustini Buns (12pk)



Ball Park Tailgaters Crustini Buns are the perfect burger buns for all of your parties and tailgates. Soft, yet hearty, these buns will stand up to whatever fillings you choose to serve. Make and serve your own signature sandwich creation, or let guests fill these buns with any meat or meatless accompaniment. The split-top adds an effortless element of artistry, so even when you’re in a hurry, your party snacks look as delicious as they taste!


What are the Best Burger Buns for Tailgating and Parties?

Crustini burger buns are perfect for tailgating and parties. They offer a light flavor with a sturdy base, so tailgaters don’t have to worry about their sandwiches falling apart as they eat and party! Plus, they’re easy to freeze and keep on hand for emergency get-togethers or last-minute parties.


How Can I Make Healthy Party Snacks?

With only 2.5 grams of fat per serving, you’re off to a great start with these healthy hamburger buns. Lay out a variety of toppings to your guests. Starting with Ball Park Tailgaters Crustini Buns is a great way to reduce overall portion size, while still feeling like you’ve eaten an entire delicious sandwich. Serve roasted or grilled vegetables on the crustini buns to make vegetarian entrees for a tailgate, potluck or neighborhood get-together. Offer veggie-rich sides, like a garden salad, to complement a rich sandwich.


How Should I Prepare and Serve Crustini Buns?

Make your stellar sandwiches ahead of time and stack them up in an appealing pyramid of deliciousness. Remember, guests will eat with their eyes first! When accommodating different food-preferences or serving many sandwich options, label the serving tray or baskets, so that guests know what they’re about to enjoy. Set out the buns, fillings and condiments separately in a “build-your-own-burger” bar. This takes some of the pressure off the host and lets the guests have fun too!



  • 12 buns – 2.67 ounces each
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in