AtGames Legends Core Plus


AtGames Legends Core Plus


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This incredible television companion is equipped with 100 built-in licensed arcade and console games, as well as impressive streaming and connectivity capabilities.


About this item

  • Wireless Legends GamePad Controller including 2 months of free access to Standard Game Service
  • 100 built-in games
  • High-performance Bluetooth provides fast wireless responsiveness
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AtGames Legends Core Plus



The Legends Core Plus plugs and plays on any TV for true big-screen gaming. It can easily connect with off-the-shelf Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth and USB PC game controllers, as well as the Legends Arcade Family of Gamer series products for the ultimate in arcade control. 


Legends GamePad™ Take your handheld game control to the next level with the wireless Legends GamePad™.


This high-performance wireless gamepad, available by itself or packed in with select Legends Core™ or other Legends Arcade Family™ bundles, is the perfect handheld controller for arcade-, console-, PC-, and virtual pinball-based gaming on the Legends Arcade Platform™.



  • Online play, and high score global leaderboards
  • Instant access to a library of games
  • Features including ArcadeNet®, BYOG™, and APL™
  • Fast Wireless Responsiveness
  • High Performance
  • Connect over USB for a wired solution