all Advanced 4-in-1 (150 loads., 255 oz.)


all Advanced 4-in-1 (150 loads., 255 oz.)


About this item

  • all Stainlifter with new odor relief formulation
  • Fights tough stains
  • Superior whitening
  • Brightens clothing
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all Advanced 4-in-1 (150 loads., 255 oz.)


All Advanced 4-in-1 (140 lds., 250 oz.) tackles tough stains and uses patented odor-removal technology to keep laundry fresh. This giant bottle of stain remover detergent cleans up to 140 loads, making it perfect for busy households, housekeeping services and more.


About all® Advanced 4-in-1

This incredible stain-lifting powers and superior odor -fighting technology to keep laundry clean and smelling fresh. All Stainlifter is safe for use in all washing machines, including those that are HE (High Efficiency) certified, making it ideal for those who strive to conserve water and energy without compromising having a top-rated stain remover detergent in their laundry arsenal. Its bulk size makes it perfect for families, companies and anyone looking for a great value on an indispensable item.


What Sets all Stainlifter Detergent Apart from the Rest?

Its unique Advanced 4-in-1 formula for starters! All Stainlifter detergent offers four powerful benefits in one bottle:

It fights tough stains – whether grass stains, chocolate, coffee or blood, its Stainlifters removes them all, the first time

It obliterates even the strongest odors – so workout clothes and musky teenager garb are no match.

It keeps white laundry looking purely white – from sheets and towels, to undershirts and intimates, there is no need to fear the usual dinginess that occurs with other detergents over time.

It brightens color fabrics – to keep them looking new and prevent fading, no matter how many times you wash them.


Who Can Benefit by Using all Advanced 4-in-1?

Anyone who struggles to find a laundry detergent that not only cleans stained clothing, but that can actually remove unwanted odors effectively. All Advanced 4-in-1 detergent is adored by parents across the country who have toddlers, messy teenagers, aspiring sports’ stars and budding chefs. And say goodbye to pricy laundry pre-treaters – all Stainlifter does away with the need to pretreat stains prior to tossing laundry in the washer, thanks to its potent in-wash pre-treating formula, saving people valuable time and money. It’s also a popular stain remover detergent for schools that have to remove tough stains from their sports teams’ uniforms and housekeeping services that wash load after load of linens and towels that need to look and smell like new.


  • Enhanced with in-wash pre-treaters
  • Safe for all types of washing machines
Weight 12.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in
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