Best A 1 Steak Sauce (15 oz., 2 pk.)


A 1 Steak Sauce (15 oz., 2 pk.)


About this item

  • Resealable 30-oz. glass bottle of thick and hearty steak sauce
  • Great for dipping or brushing on meat
  • Kosher
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A 1 Steak Sauce (15 oz., 2 pk.)



A 1 Steak Sauce is steak’s best friend. A blend of tomatoes, crushed oranges, tangy vinegar, garlic and a mix of spices, A.1. Sauce and its unique flavor profile take steak to the next level. Dip your steak in A.1. Original Sauce or brush it on while your meat is cooking.


Are There Other Uses for A.1. Sauce Besides Steak?

You can enjoy A.1. Sauce on more than just a juicy, grilled slab of beef. Different proteins, noodles or vegetables—A.1. Sauce is a versatile condiment that tastes great on so many dishes.

A.1. Sauce isn’t just for steak. Add more flavor and moisture to your next cheeseburger by topping beef patties with this thick and hearty sauce.

Instead of tomato pasta sauce, soy sauce, alfredo or teriyaki sauce, dress your next noodle dish with A.1. Sauce for a bolder take on your favorite dishes.

Wanting to try more vegetarian dishes? Treat Portobello mushrooms like steak or burgers by grilling or roasting them, then pouring on A.1. Sauce.

Tired of ketchup? Change up your dipping condiment of choice and try A.1. steak sauce on french fries, home fries, curly fries or baked potatoes. The sweetness of A.1. Sauce complements a potato’s saltiness.


What’s in a Bottle of A.1. Steak Sauce?

In a bottle of A.1. Sauce you’ll find a blend of tomatoes, crushed oranges, tangy vinegar, onion, garlic, raisin paste, celery seed and a mix of other spices that come together in harmony to create a savory, sweet, tangy and thick sauce that accompanies beef steak and other meat.


Can You Marinate Meat with A.1. Steak Sauce?

Yes, A.1. Sauce also makes a great marinade for steak and other types of proteins. To create a simple but tasty marinade with A.1. sauce, grab a plastic bag and fill it with A.1., olive oil (or any cooking oil of your choosing, depending on your cooking method and temperature), pepper and minced garlic. Place your steak or cut of meat in the plastic bag, close the bag and shake until the protein is coated. Store the marinade bag in the refrigerator for one hour and up to four hours.



  • Resealable glass bottle that contains about 25 servings of 1 tbsp. (17g) each
  • Spice up your steak with this kosher steak sauce
  • Net weight: 30 oz. (1 Lbs. 14 oz.) 850g
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 12 in